Brasil ? (Fwd: [Debconf-announce] DebConf17 early proposals)

Valessio Brito contato at
Mon Aug 17 21:27:00 UTC 2015

Gostaria de inscrever Brasília como Proposta para DC17;    Mas acho
que ainda estamos muito espalhados;

Alguém mais por perto de BSB que topa fazer isso juntos?

Estou aqui na DC15,  já posso envolver/mobilizar outros brasileiros
interessados por aqui também;

Valessio Brito

2015-08-17 12:25 GMT-03:00 Albino B Neto <bino at>:
> Oi pessoal
> Estou encaminhando esse e-mail pois quem vem acompanhando a comunidade
> brasileira do Debian está movimento os miniDebConf. Quem sabe
> organizar um DebConf. :-)
> Abraços
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> Subject: [Debconf-announce] DebConf17 early proposals
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> Dear Debian contributor,
> Are you interested in hosting DebConf17 in your country? Do you have some other
> fellow locals to back your proposal? The DebConf team would like to help you
> make your idea become concrete!
> There will be a session at 18:30 on Friday, in room "Heidelberg", where early
> bid proposals can be presented by the first time to other debconfers. It would
> be nice if you have time to prepare a short presentation with information such
> as potential venues and general info about the city/region you are considering
> and, of course, "why do you think DebConf17 should be there?" But just coming
> to the meeting to register your interest in hosting is also useful.
> Proposals should be listed in the wiki [1] before the session on Friday, so
> that we can define how much time each group will have. You can also use the
> wiki to start planning your bid -- in addition, once you start work you can
> apply for a mailing list for coordination and a website within
> Even if you are not in Heidelberg for this presentation, if you manage to
> gather information in the wiki we can take care of presenting it to the
> public.
> Teams will still have many months to prepare their real bids, which need to be
> formalized by December 2015, and a decision is expected to be made in early
> 2016.
> Please do not hesitate to ask questions in debconf-team IRC or mailing list,
> or simply chat with orgateam members to know more about the process. And if
> you are not *yet* ready to lead your own proposal, maybe you can convince a
> friend of doing so, or bring ideas of host cities so we can try to poke people
> later.
> Happy bid preparation!
> Tassia,
> On behalf of the DebConf orga team.
> [1]
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