adding Timekpr-nExT into Debian (edu?)

Eduardo edzis at
Mon Oct 21 10:35:53 BST 2019


I'm developing (not so much anymore) and maintaining Timekpr-nExT for 
Ubuntu. I do not think it will be a problem with maintaining it in 
Debian, but I'm not familiar with procedure and all of the rest as I 
worked with Ubuntu PPAs and nothing more. Some guidance would be 
required for me.

My time is limited as well, I'll not be able to guarantee same or next 
day support, so to say.

I need to mention one thing - Gnome is going to get rid of system 
notification are altogether, as I have heard, timekpr relies on that to 
deliver indication of how much time is left, etc. I consider timekpr 
indicator on the same level as, say, battery indicator. When systray is 
gone, I'm not certain yet, how show the state of his allowance.

If all of the above is fine with the procedure, I agree to maintain it 
in Debian.

BR, Eduardo

On 19.10.19 21:14, Zeev Pekar wrote:
> The author of Timekpr-nExT is also the Ubuntu maintainer. His name is
> Eduards Bezverhijs and his email: edzis at (CCed).
> Eduards, would you like to cooperate with Debian guys to get
> Timekpr-nExT packaged for Debian? This way you'll get massive exposure
> in BOTH - Debian AND Ubuntu communities. Ubuntu people will not have to
> use your private PPA any longer, but rather get Timekpr-nExT directly
> from the Ubuntu repo.
> I was looking for years for an effective program that can limit the time
> kids spend on computer. And there is absolutely nothing like this within
> 59000 current Debian packages. I'm sure thousands of teachers/parents
> worldwide are desperately looking for something like this. Arguing with
> children each time you want them to stop using computer is too
> exhausting...
> I have not created a RFP request yet... let's see what Eduards will have
> to say on all this.
> Thank you very much!
> Zeev
> PS:
> the PPA
> contains several older versions of timekpr... what is needed is the
> newest, called - timekpr-next
> On Fri, 2019-10-18 at 07:38 +0200, Petter Reinholdtsen wrote:
>> [Zeev Pekar]
>>> Could you, please, add it to Debian as well? Such a tool might be quite
>>> useful for schools, so maybe it belongs to Debian EDU.
>> I suspect this would be best done as a cooperation with the Ubuntu
>> maintainer, as an upload to Debian will affect the Ubuntu package too.
>> Do you know the Ubuntu maintainer?
>> Did you already create a RFP request, <URL: >?
>> It is the first step for getting a package into Debian.
>> Note, I am not going to maintain this package myself, but wanted to
>> provide a tip from the sideline. :)
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