[Debian-handbook-translators] Romanian translation schedule

Victor Nitu victor at debian-linux.ro
Wed May 23 21:09:31 UTC 2012

Hi everybody, hi Raphael,

I represent an unofficial Debian user community from Romania [1][2], and
I am also the current CTO of Ceata Foundation [3]. I already proposed
[4] the translation to our community members, both via mailman and the
forums, and I can say we might have quite a team in a few weeks.

[1]: http://debian-linux.ro
[2]: http://forum.debian-linux.ro
[3]: http://ceata.org
[4]: http://liste.ceata.org/pipermail/galceava/2012-May/012519.html

Prior to making an official announcement, I must say the translation
will most likely happen in a few months here, unless somebody else will
want to take the problem in his own hands. We currently have a GNU/Linux
manual's translation in progress, and according to our schedule, we may
finish it by June's end, then we can go on with the Debian Handbook.

I am very excited the book's liberation finally happened, since my old
initiative in translating the debian-reference was quite a bump. Many
congrats to the originals authors of the Debian Handbook on this
occasion, for they have delivered us a very good material about the
distribution we all share and love. May it be translated in all d-i's

I will sit(mostly) quietly here and watch other teams get organized and
follow closely any precious indication, until I (we) will get to the
actual translation work. I wish all the l10n teams that may get
organized here the best of luck!

Raphael or Roland, can any of you say a few words on producing and
distributing the translated book amongst local communities? That's an
important aspect of all our translation work.

Last, but not least, I encourage any Romanian speaker willing to help
translate the book to reply to this mail and let me know in order to
help integrate himself (or herself) with the team.

Kind Regards,

Victor Nițu
   GNU/Linux (ab)user
 victor at debian-linux.ro
sip:victor.nitu at ekiga.net

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