[Debian-handbook-translators] Romanian translation schedule

Raphael Hertzog raphael at ouaza.com
Thu May 24 06:14:37 UTC 2012

Hi Victor,

Le jeudi 24 mai 2012, Victor Nitu a écrit :
> Raphael or Roland, can any of you say a few words on producing and
> distributing the translated book amongst local communities? That's an
> important aspect of all our translation work.

Your question is rather vague. What I can say is:
- I'll aim at handling translations just like the original version, so
  they will be hosted on http://debian-handbook.info too (once they have
  met a threshold that we have yet to define)
- for any translation that reaches 100%, I will try to make a printed
  version available through lulu.com (and make the ebook available on
  various online bookstores so that it can be easily found)

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