[Debian-in-workers] Call for contributions for LinuxAsia2006

Soumyadip Modak soumyadip.modak at gmail.com
Sun Jan 29 20:52:30 UTC 2006

I'm pleased to announce that my proposal for a stall for the
Debian-Indic project at LinuxAsia2006 has been approved. However, we'll
be showcasing the Debian Project too. Now the hard part begins. 
I'd like people to contribute the following:

1. Physical Presence. 
	I don't think I need to elaborate more. We need people to be 			present
at the stall.

2. Equipment
	I don't have any laptop, although I'll try to hijack one at least. But
still, if people lend their machines, it'll be easier for us. A DVD
writer would be highly prized, especially if it is external. :)

3. Promotional material
	We'll need some banners, posters, etc. I have no artistic capabilies,
so don't expect me to rustle up anything.:P

4. Spreading the word
	We've not had many volunteers coming forward to help. So, please
forward this mail to whichever list you'd find it approoriate, so that
all Debianistas (Debian-fans) around Delhi during Linux Asis come up and
help out at the stall. Other fomrs of contribution also welcome.

Soumyadip Modak
Mobile : 94330 65971
soumyadip.modak at gmail.com
soumyadip at nipl.net

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