[Debian-l10n-devel] Thomas scripts still running

Felipe Augusto van de Wiel (faw) faw at funlabs.org
Fri Jun 27 23:27:55 UTC 2008

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On 24-06-2008 02:05, Felipe Augusto van de Wiel (faw) wrote:
> 	It is now configure. It uses rsnapshot, providing 12
> hourly return points (every two hours), and also one for every
> day of the week, one for every week of the month and one for
> every month, pretty much like grandfather-father-son strategy.
> 		/mnt/extradisk00/backup
> 	We are backing up /home, /srv, /etc, /root and
> /var/www/ddtp, let me know if we should add any other
> directories.
> 	Right now it is generating the first base point so I
> can schedule it for automatic backups between 1-3 in the
> morning for the longer cycles.

	Just for the record this is still in early stages,
I need to remove some dirs from the backup because the
data is too volatile to be copied using snapshot strategy.

	I enabled the automatic snapshot to monitor the
growth of the amount required and I will try to fine
tuning the problematic parts on the following weeks,
specially directories generating huge amounts of temporary

	All in all, if it fullfills the disk, that's fine,
because it is one of the sparring disks, no services except
the backup will be affected by "no space left" errors.

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