[Debian-l10n-devel] DDTSS feature request - bug reporting facility

Michael Bramer grisu at debian.org
Fri Aug 12 20:28:36 UTC 2011

On 08/12/2011 09:42 PM, Martijn van O wrote:
> On 12 August 2011 14:25, Martin Eberhard Schauer
> <Martin.E.Schauer at gmx.de>  wrote:
>> Dear Martijn,
>> Unfortunately it took some time to understand the proposal with
>> the en pseudo language. I translate the description that I dislike
>> in some aspect to my English. But what are the further processing
>> steps? Mail to BTS/maintainer after some number of reviews,
>> perhaps with mail addresses of the logged in users involved in
>> the new version? It's definitely more elegant than my initial thoughts.
> Well, my basic thought was that it would bring up the normal
> translation interface, except you're translating to english. People
> can review and change wording and when it gets accepted it gets pushed
> as a bug report to the BTS. CCed to the mailing list ofcourse, but it
> allows things like letting people know a description is under
> discussion.

I don't see a technical problem to add 'en' as new languages.

We must only avoid to generat Translation files. But this is not a
real i18n thing.


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