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Nicolas François nicolas.francois at centraliens.net
Sun Jun 17 17:44:27 UTC 2012


some updates inline.

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On Sun, Jun 17, 2012 at 04:03:35PM +0200, Christian PERRIER wrote:
> Debian i18n Sprint 2012
> =======================
> Report from the Debian i18n Sprint
> ----------------------------------
> From June 15th until June 17th, IRILL hosted the Debian i18n Sprint, seven
> people were present.  These are the minutes, results and notes from our
> work, it is a brief description but hopefully complete of what we have done
> and what is still missing/pending.
> We would like to thank IRILL for hosting us. In addition, our thanks to the
> many donors[1] whose contributions have permitted the project to subsidize
> transportation and lodging.
>   1. http://www.debian.org/donations
> Decisions
> ---------
> We took several key decisions before starting the implementation work :
>  * We'll keep i18n.debian.net running (on "churro", a machine hosted by
>    Junta de Extremadura, in Spain) in parallel with i18n.debian.org)
>  * The same stands for ddtp.debian.net with regards to ddtp.debian.org
>  * We'll use scripts and eventually prepare packages
>  * We wanted to reorganize repositories, add scripts not under version control,
>    expand documentation before improving what exists
>  * We'll use a GIT repository under git.debian.org
>  * We'll continue to go on with the debian-l10n project on Alioth
> Tasks completed
> ---------------

This looks like the same formating as the next subsection title.
People may think there were no tasks completed.
I would propose to either remove this title completely (it is clear that
the remaining sections are completed tasks, or to use a different
formatting (capital case, ==== underlines, ...)

> Machines setup
> --------------
> Thanks to DSA Team we now have two virtual machines:
>  * tye.debian.org hosting i18n.debian.org / l10n.debian.org
>  * dukas.debian.org hosting ddtp.debian.org
> Having Martin Zobel-Helas attending the meeting allowed the team to better
> learn about processes related to DSA-managed machines (account creations,
> including accounts for non-DD users, packages installation, general system
> administration of DSA machines) and thus better understand the impact on
> our processes.
> Email (ingoing and outgoing) is working on tye and dukas.
> A full source mirror in NFS-mounted and can be used by local utilities (such
> as those gathering the material).
> Team members have SSH access as well as the needed sudo authorizations.
> Needed packages: we started working to identify packages needed by gen-material
> and spider in order to create virtual packages named "i18n.debian.org" and
> "ddtp.debian.org".

This needs an update. There is now a (building) package with git repo that can be pulled by DSA.

> VCS for scripts and services
> ----------------------------
> The existing SVN repository has been converted to git, with four trees at the
> moment :
>  * ddtp: all DDTP and DDTSS scripts. Martijn synchronized the
>    VCS with scripts that are in production on churro
>  * dl10n: all dl10n utilities as well as various robot scripts, l10n material
>    gathering script, mailing lists spiders, etc.
>  * compendia: scripts related to translation compendia generation
>  * debian.org: configuration for the machines
>  * debian-l10n: general team material (documentation, reports, etc.)
> The existing SVN is now declared obsolete, except for the packaging trees it contains (pootle, translate-toolkit, virtaal). It will be up to maintainers of these packages to move them in git if they want. The suggested name is "pkg-<package>.git".
- The old (unused) CVS repository has been removed.

+ The content of the old (unused debian-l10n.delete) CVS repository has
+ been removed.

> http://anonscm.debian.org/git/debian-l10n/ is the new location.
> debian-l10n/ddtp.git
> debian-l10n/debian-l10n.git
> debian-l10n/debian.org.git
> debian-l10n/dl10n.git
> debian-l10n Alioth project
> --------------------------
> Some cleaning was done on the project. It has two admins (Christian Perrier
> and Nicolas François) and only active members have been kept as project
> members (plus people who maintain some packages under the debian-l10n
> umbrella).
> Unused services (forums, trackers, etc.) have been shutdown.
> Working services
> -----------------
>  * tye (i18n.debian.org)
-    - gen-material has been manually launched for unstable and confirmed to be working.
+    - gen-material is running for unstable and confirmed to be working.
+      The material of testing should be generated at the time the report
+      is read.
>      http://i18n.debian.org/material/
-    - The coordination databases have been re-initialized
-      http://i18n.debian.org/coordination/data/
+      And the automation of the re-initialization process has been
+      improved.
+     http://l10n.debian.org/coordination/data/
-    - dl10n-spider processed the mailing lists once
-      http://i18n.debian.org/coordination/html/
+    - dl10n-spider is processing the mailing lists hourly to generate the
+      coordination pages:
+      http://l10n.debian.org/coordination/
>    - l10n-nmu has been manually launched and confirmed to be working
>    - early work on factorization of scripts
>  * dukas (ddtp.debian.org)
>    - DDTP/DDTSS software is installed but not yet configured.
>    - ddtp.debian.net will stay in production for now, while ddtp.debian.org
>      will be used to develop a new platform.
>    - http://ddtp.debian.org is working (but is of course NOT the production site!)
>    - http://ddtp.debian.org/ddtp_schema.pdf has a schema of interactions in 
>      the DDTP/DDTSS
> Future plans
> ------------
> As this sprint has been incredibly useful when it comes at team building, we
> already planned two future gatherings of the i18n team:
>  * another sprint in January or early February 2013, very certainly in Europe,
>    Paris being apparently a good candidate for it.
>  * a team work session scheduled for DebCamp 2013, before DebConf 13, in
>    Switzerland.
> We're also seriously considering a GSOC 2013 project. A few ideas have been
> mentioned:
>  * rework the specification of dl10n bots
>    - implementation of a new mail parser for robots (to replace dl10n-spider)
>    - implementation of a new script to gather material from the archive (e.g. using lintian farm or dak Metadata)
>  * work on BTS usertags
>  * redesign of the ddtp website so it conforms more to the Debian style
>  * implementation of a ddtp client ui, so work can be done without the web interface
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