[Debian-lego-team] Wrong version for ldraw-mklist

Johannes Schauer josch at debian.org
Sat Nov 2 08:14:53 GMT 2019

Hi Sylvain,

Quoting Sylvain Corlay (2019-09-13 11:02:17)
> Thanks for maintaining the ldraw debian packages.
> I was working on the packaging of ldraw-list for Conda, and checked out
> what you did in Debian for that package.
> I noticed that the version number on debian is "1802+ds-1" which is the
> same as ldraw-parts.
> In fact, ldraw-mklist has different version number from the parts library,
> which is 1.6. Maybe it should be corrected especially as the ldraw folks are
> looking at separating the two source tarballs.

thanks for the heads-up!

Unfortunately, the Version 1.6 is less than the current version of the binary
package 1902+ds-1, so we cannot just change it as otherwise users would be
stuck at the 1902 version.

My suggestion is that we keep the wrong version in Debian until the split
actually happens. Once it does, we can also create a new source tarball and use
an epoch to get the versioning right.


cheers, josch
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