[Debian-lego-team] Why was nxt-firmware tarball +dfsg?

Petter Reinholdtsen pere at hungry.com
Thu Oct 7 19:29:02 BST 2021

In the process of trying to use a new upstream tarball for nxt-firmware,
I discovered that 'uscan' did include more files than the +dfsg tarball
currently used in Debian, but could not find any explanation how the
+dfsg tarball was generated nor which files were excluded from the

To try to reverse engineer it, compared the new upstream tarball with
the one we already had, I find that the following directories and files
were added:

 * AT91SAM7S256/Resource/BITMAPS/
 * AT91SAM7S256/Resource/DEMO PROGRAM/
 * AT91SAM7S256/Resource/FONT/
 * AT91SAM7S256/Resource/INPUTICONS/
 * AT91SAM7S256/Resource/INTRO/
 * AT91SAM7S256/Resource/MAINMENU/
 * AT91SAM7S256/Resource/MENUES/
 * AT91SAM7S256/Resource/OnBrickProgramming/
 * AT91SAM7S256/Resource/SOUNDS/
 * AT91SAM7S256/Resource/STATUS/
 * AT91SAM7S256/Resource/SUBMENU01/
 * AT91SAM7S256/Resource/SUBMENU02/
 * AT91SAM7S256/Resource/SUBMENU03/
 * AT91SAM7S256/Resource/SUBMENU04/
 * AT91SAM7S256/Resource/SUBMENU05/
 * AT91SAM7S256/Resource/SUBMENU06/
 * AT91SAM7S256/Resource/SUBMENU07/
 * AT91SAM7S256/Resource/SUBMENU10/
 * AT91SAM7S256/Resource/SUBMENU11/
 * AT91SAM7S256/Resource/TEXT/
 * AT91SAM7S256/Resource/TRYME PROGRAMS/
 * AT91SAM7S256/SAM7S256/Lib/dl4tptinl8n.r79
 * AT91SAM7S256/SAM7S256/Tools/
 * ATmega48/

Anyone got any idea if any of these had license issues?

(Spent all the time I had for this today, so thought it best to report
the intermediate result in case someone else want to have a look. :)

Happy hacking
Petter Reinholdtsen

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