[Debian-lego-team] Why was nxt-firmware tarball +dfsg?

Nicolas Schodet nico at ni.fr.eu.org
Thu Oct 7 21:12:53 BST 2021


I think LEGO did not do its homework fully before publishing the
sources. I supposed that the whole package was covered by the LEGO
license, but it’s not that clear.

There is a document listing source files at the root of the package,
LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT Firmware Open Source.doc.

.sys, .rxe are files containing VM bytecode, I do not have the sources,
I don’t even know what the source would look like, maybe they hand
edited them, maybe they used their software GUI.

All the files in Resource are not used for compilation, they must have
been converted to source files by a manual operation at LEGO.

* Petter Reinholdtsen <pere at hungry.com> [2021-10-07 20:29]:
>  * AT91SAM7S256/Resource/BITMAPS/

These are the sources files for .txt files in Source directory. The .txt
files are explicitely covered by the LEGO license, but there is no
precision for the .bmp files.

>  * AT91SAM7S256/Resource/DEMO PROGRAM/

I do not think we have the source for this, unless it can be open with
LEGO software.

>  * AT91SAM7S256/Resource/FIRMWARE VERSION/

The files shipped programmed on the brick file system, no sources.

Well images (.ric) and sound (.rso) may be considered as sources.

>  * AT91SAM7S256/Resource/FONT/

Sources files for Font.txt and Port.txt.

>  * AT91SAM7S256/Resource/INPUTICONS/

Sources files for the on brick programming.

>  * AT91SAM7S256/Resource/INTRO/

Sources files for the RCXintro_*.txt.

>  * AT91SAM7S256/Resource/MAINMENU/

Sources icons for the main menu.

>  * AT91SAM7S256/Resource/MENUES/

Sources files for the menus.

>  * AT91SAM7S256/Resource/OnBrickProgramming/

Program to interpret On brick programming, I do not think we have the
sources for this.

>  * AT91SAM7S256/Resource/SOUNDS/

Same as files in FIRMWARE VERSION.

>  * AT91SAM7S256/Resource/STATUS/

Sources for icons.

>  * AT91SAM7S256/Resource/SUBMENU*/

Sources for menus.

>  * AT91SAM7S256/Resource/TEXT/

Sources for text :)

>  * AT91SAM7S256/Resource/TRYME PROGRAMS/

OK, there is the sources for the .rtm files actually, but:

.rbt: National Instruments, LabVIEW File, Virtual Instrument Program,

No sure this is usable, not even sure we have all the parts.

>  * AT91SAM7S256/SAM7S256/Lib/dl4tptinl8n.r79

I suppose this is a IAR binary file, no sources for sure.

All the files in Lib are not used for GCC.

>  * AT91SAM7S256/SAM7S256/Tools/

Files distributed “as is” by Atmel, and binary files, not needed for

>  * ATmega48/

This one is only used for the secondary microcontroller on the NXT
circuit board. Source files are covered by LEGO license, but there is
one binary library file. Not needed to build the main NXT firmware.


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