[Debian-med-packaging] Infernal has arrived in experimental, AutoDock uploaded

Steffen Moeller steffen_moeller at gmx.de
Sun Mar 2 13:50:07 UTC 2008

Hi Andreas,

Andreas Tille wrote:
> The page is updated automagically 
> by the following input data:
>   - debian-med tasks files from SVN
>   - Control files of those packages that are included in Debian
>   - Information from the tasks file if the package is not yet
>     available in Debian.
>> Would it be a reasonable idea to add a little note to every page that
>> explains (or links to an explanation) how the information it is
>> presenting should be amended?
> There are two ways to do so:
>   1. Fix your package description and it will be put onto the page
>   2. Fix debian-med source in SVN
what I meant was that at some meta-level the page could possibly give
the information that you just wrote in your mail.
>> My problem at hand is that Infernal finally found its way to Debian
>> http://packages.qa.debian.org/i/infernal.html
>> and I would like to update that info.
> I currently see infernal only in experimental
> ine)
>   Mögliche Pakete:0.81-1
>   Versions-Tabelle:
>      0.81-1 0
>           5 http://debian.tu-bs.de experimental/main Packages
> which is not yet parsed to build the pages.  I wonder whether I should
> indlude this in the scripts or whether we should rater list it as
> "inofficial Debian package available".
I think I would opt for "experimental Debian package available". I got
feedback from upstream btw, the PDFs of Infernal are manually edited
with Adobe Illustrator and thus the is no lower level that was omitted.
The documentation for the user guide will be added with the next release.



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