Bug#526424: Bug #526424: gerris: missing file 'm4.awk

Drew Parsons dparsons at debian.org
Fri May 1 07:36:47 UTC 2009

Stephane Popinet wrote:

> In order to implement the "GfsDefine" macro
> keyword, the gerris executable calls m4 and awk on the input parameter
> file. It also uses a 'm4.awk' file which is normally installed in
> $prefix/lib/gerris/m4.awk. Is there any reason why this file is not
> part of your current debian package?

I've fixed the missing files in git commit 2ba2f77bf3b2ac8ccc56dab9800120ca7716bdcd.
so that /usr/lib/gerris/m4.awk is now in place. (I took the liberty of
placing it in /usr/share/gerris/lib, symlinked back to /usr/lib/gerris,
since the m4.awk is arch-independent).

I tried testing by simply adding 

 	GfsDefine CIRCLE (ellipse (-0.5,0.,0.4,0.4))

to my gfs script.

gerris2d continues generating the same macro error:

gerris: file `test.gfs' is not a valid simulation file
test.gfs:20:1: unknown class `GfsDefine'

I'm not sure if the error is because I've misused the macro in my gfs
script, or whether gerris and m4 need to communicate where m4.awk is

This should have been done as the awk variable in gerris.c, via
GFS_MODULES_DIR.  GFS_MODULES_DIR is defined in Makefile at build time:
-DGFS_MODULES_DIR=\"$(libdir)/gerris\" .  That should be ok.  Needs
deeper digging to check awk was defined appropriately.


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