Bug#593657: salome: cannot find libStdPlugin.so

Denis Barbier bouzim at gmail.com
Fri Aug 20 14:32:03 UTC 2010

On 2010/8/20 Adam C Powell IV wrote:
> It's also worth asking: could a change like this let us drop the salome
> dependency on libopencascade-visualization-dev?  As I recall, that
> dependency was added to avoid a similar error while loading a
> non-versioned plugin.

Your log message for f995e2cb is not detailed enough, so it is hard to tell.
BTW I had a look at your recent commits, and was surprised to see that
you truncated my log message to keep only the first line on these
 * Add AM_MAINTAINER_MODE into all configure.ac files
 * Add --disable-dependency-tracking to configure flags
Do not ask me in 4 months why these changes are good for, I won't
remember why without detailed log messages ;)
And just curious, why don't you use gitk to cherry-pich commits?  I
find this tool extremely useful.

Now back to your question, you set
  export CSF_GraphicShr=${CASROOT}/lib/libTKOpenGl.so
in runSalome, which is shipped by libopencascade-visualization-dev.  I
do not understand why, everything should work fine without setting
this variable, maybe you could simply remove this line from runSalome?


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