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Stefano Zacchiroli leader at debian.org
Mon Mar 11 12:07:45 UTC 2013

On Mon, Mar 11, 2013 at 12:48:12PM +0100, Dr. Michael Meskes wrote:
> > To me, this sounds too complex.
> How's that? I mean, this doesn't seem to be complex at all to me.
> > I like simple.  It's easier to explain, to understand and makes it
> > easier for the donors to choose the appropriate amount.  It also means
> > we don't have to spend too much time managing sponsors, we can keep most
> > of our attention on making Debian a success.
> I doubt that changing the name of the baby from sponsor to donor will remove 
> the time needed for managing the sponsor/donor. So what exactly do you mean?

I guess that the difference is just in which are the benefits. The
"simple" option Tollef is advocating for (I think :-)) is that the only
benefit sponsors get for their yearly allowance is being mentioned on
the (foundation) website. Full stop.

I agree that such a simplicity has appeal.  I do fear though that this
might seem poor wrt what we've been offering up to now to *DebConf*
sponsors. So, either we keep completely separate the DebConf slice (but
I do *not* think this is compatible with the goal of having that slice
small wrt the rest); or we do add some benefits like "you need to donate
at least X yearly to be on DebConf t-shirts".  But at that point, it
doesn't seem really simpler than it was before.

Either I'm missing a decent compromise position, or simplicity is just a
matter of having simple rules for benefits and we're inflating the
complexity problem :-)

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