[Debian-sponsors-discuss] Debian fundraising thoughts.

Dr. Michael Meskes michael.meskes at credativ.com
Mon Mar 11 15:55:32 UTC 2013

> Discounts on sponsorships elsewhere depending on your sponsorship level?
> That sounds complex.  Basically, «can you express it in a simple bullet
> list» would be my litmus test.

It could be as simple as "These are our sponsorship levels. You get X% 
discount if you're a Debian sponsor."

> Yes and no.  How would you value the donations that the workplaces of
> DSA effectively give by letting people handle emergencies?  If you value
> that at market rates, even a single standby sysadmin is probably well
> about $20kUSD/year, even before they do anything.  I think just valuing
> the donations we are getting from hosters (in terms of bandwidth,
> cooling and remote hands) is going to be hard enough even before you try
> to cater to the difference in wages between different places in the
> world, different competence levels between DDs, etc. There's also the
> issue of ensuring the reports are accurate.

That I totally agree on. Maybe we can have those companies be listed as 
sponsors but only hand out benefits for donating companies?

> Donors get less, basically.  It's a donation to a worthy case, not
> buying exposure; what they get is a very small token.

I tend to think that a sponsorship model would eventually create a larger 
revenue stream for the project.


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