Bug#356317: [xml/sgml-pkgs] Bug#356317: xsltproc: partial processing if input document contains DOCTYPE or xmlns

Mike Hommey mh at glandium.org
Sun Mar 12 07:52:41 UTC 2006

On Sat, Mar 11, 2006 at 10:53:15PM -0500, Allan Wind <allan_wind at lifeintegrity.com> wrote:
> > For the /html match, you're trying to match a namespaced node with the
> > default namespace (being null), which is not likely to match.
> So you are saying that the document path is "\0:html", and that is
> different than "/html"?  I think you are right that is the problem, and
> I submit that the processor is currently behaving incorrectly:

The document path is (http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml):html, and THAT is
different from "():html".

> > You have to register a namespace and use it in the match, e.g.
> > xmlns:h=""http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml", and match="/h:html"
> The work-around you suggested works, thanks.  I still think this shold
> work as is, and I noticed that if I use the --html option it does indeed
> work.  I have not reviewed the code, but I suspect this is a defect in
> libxml2 (2.6.20 has a change that looks interesting in this respect).

The --html option will parse your input file as HTML, not XML, thus not
taking care or the namespace. This is an expected behaviour, but it's
not something in the scope of the XML or XSLT specifications.


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