Bug#356315: [xml/sgml-pkgs] Bug#356315: checked="false" is changed to checked

Allan Wind allan_wind at lifeintegrity.com
Sun Mar 12 15:39:11 UTC 2006

Hey Mike,

On 2006-03-12T08:47:02+0100, Mike Hommey wrote:
>   checked     (checked)      #IMPLIED  -- for radio buttons and check boxes --
> That means the accepted value for checked is "checked" or nothing. Nothing
> else is accepted.

Thank you so much for your detailed answer, and patience.  You
convincingly showed that the input file is not valid HTML 4.01 per 

The only 3 valid options are nothing, checked (minized) and
checked="checked" (oppose not quoted).  And for XHTML, which is what my
document claimed compliance to, nothing or checked="checked".

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