[xml/sgml-pkgs] xerces packages

Jay Berkenbilt qjb at debian.org
Thu May 25 23:18:44 UTC 2006

Hello all.  I'm planning on switching the maintainership of the xerces
packages (currently libxml-xerces-perl, xerces26, and xerces27) to
myself (qjb at debian.org) rather than this list because, other than
using the subversion repository on svn.debian.org, there seems to be
no other reason for me to be part of the group.  This isn't a negative
statement about me or about the group; it's just a recognition of
reality: I have maintained the (very low effort) xerces packages on my
own without help from members of the group, and likewise, I have not
provided any assistance to any members of the group on the maintenance
of any of the other packages.  Before I make this change though, I
want to make sure no one has a problem with it and I am not violating
some rule or behavior standard.  I don't want this to be construed in
a negative way or as a hijack.  Really, it's just an admission that
there isn't really collaborative maintenance of the xerces packages
and I'm not participating with this group in other ways such as
thinking about xml/sgml standards in debian, etc.

I originally joined this group when Ivo was looking for a new
maintainer for the xerces packages.  At the time, I was not yet a dd,
was looking for a package to work on, and was actively using the
xerces packages at my job.  I am now in a different job and am no
longer using the xerces packages, though I'm still plugged in enough
to be able to stay on top of their maintenance in debian.  That said,
if anyone else would like to take over the xerces packages, please let
me know.  I'd be glad to give them up or to keep working on them.
They are very low effort packages and seem to be lightly used.

At this moment, I have new uploads prepared for libxml-xerces-perl
(new upstream version) and xerces26 (typo in control file), but I'll
refrain for a day pending a response to this email.  I'm also planning
on requesting removal of xerces26 soon.  If no one responds by the end
of the work day (eastern US time) tomorrow, I'll go ahead and do new
uploads with just myself listed as the maintainer.  I contacted Ardo
by private email yesterday as well, but since I have uploads ready to
go, I'd like to go ahead and take care of this change.  Then I can
remove myself from the group and no longer receive bug reports for the
other package maintained by the group which I have no involvement
in. :-) Thanks!

Jay Berkenbilt <qjb at debian.org>

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