[xml/sgml-pkgs] Bug#398327: libxslt1.1: 1.1.18-1 sometimes segfaults, sometimes pegs CPU

Josh Triplett josh at freedesktop.org
Mon Nov 13 10:42:38 UTC 2006

I imported libxslt CVS into GIT with git cvsimport and ran git bisect between
1.1.17 and 1.1.18.  I managed to track the segfault down to this commit:

7fc9680614c7dbd5407fc718ac5dcb601a378da7 is first bad commit
commit 7fc9680614c7dbd5407fc718ac5dcb601a378da7
Author: kbuchcik <kbuchcik>
Date:   Fri Jul 14 16:10:17 2006 +0000

    * libxslt/attributes.c libxslt/documents.c
      libxslt/functions.c libxslt/keys.c libxslt/namespaces.c
      libxslt/pattern.c libxslt/preproc.c libxslt/templates.c
      libxslt/templates.h libxslt/transform.c libxslt/variables.c
      libxslt/xslt.c libxslt/xsltInternals.h libxslt/xsltutils.c
      libxslt/xsltutils.h libexslt/common.c libexslt/dynamic.c
      libexslt/functions.c libexslt/strings.c:
      Refactored xsltValueOf(). Changed to use xmlXPathCastToString()
      directly, rather than creating an intermediate object with
      xmlXPathConvertString(). This now does not add a text-node to
      the result if the string is empty (this has impact on
      serialization, since an empty text-node is serialized as
      <foo></foo>, and now it will be serialized as <foo/>).
      Refactored other functions in transform.c:
      Mostly code cleanup/restructuring. Minimized number of
      function variables for instruction which eat up function stack
      memory when recursing templates (xsltIf(), xsltChoose(),
      xsltApplyTemplates(),  xsltCallTemplate()).
      Changed XSLT tests to use xmlXPathCompiledEvalToBoolean().
      Implemented redefinition checks at compilation-time and
      eliminating them at transformation time in the refactored code
      Introduced the field @currentTemplateRule on xsltTransformContext to
      reflect the "Current Template Rule" as defined by the spec.
      NOTE that ctxt->currentTemplateRule and ctxt->templ is not the
      same; the former is the "Current Template Rule" as defined by the
      XSLT spec, the latter is simply the template struct being
      currently processed by Libxslt.
      Added XML_COMMENT_NODE and XML_CDATA_SECTION_NODE to the macro
      Misc code cleanup/restructuring and everything else I already forgot.
      Refactored lifetime of temporary result tree fragments.
      Substituted all calls to the now deprecated xsltRegisterTmpRVT()
      for the new xsltRegisterLocalRVT().
      Fragments of xsl:variable and xsl:param are freed when the
      variable/pram is freed.
      Fragments created when evaluating a "select" of xsl:varible and
      xsl:param are also bound to the lifetime of the var/param.
      EXSLT's func:function now uses the following functions to let take
      care the transformation's garbage collector of returned tree
      #339222 - xsl:param at invalid position inside an xsl:template is
                not catched
      #346015 - Non-declared caller-parameters are accepted
      #160400 - Compiles invalid XSLT; unbound variable accepted
      #308441 - namespaced parameters become unregistered
      #307103 - problem with proximity position in predicates of match
      #328218 - problem with exsl:node-set() when converting strings
                to node sets
      #318088 - infinite recursion detection
      #321505 - Multiple contiguous CDATA in output
      #334493 - "--param" option does not have root context
      #114377 - weird func:result/xsl:variable/exsl:node-set interaction
      #150309 - Regression caused by fix for 142768

- Josh Triplett

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