[xml/sgml-pkgs] Bug#398327: libxslt1.1: 1.1.18-1 sometimes segfaults, sometimes pegs CPU

Josh Triplett josh at freedesktop.org
Mon Nov 13 11:57:43 UTC 2006

Josh Triplett wrote:
> I imported libxslt CVS into GIT with git cvsimport and ran git bisect between
> 1.1.17 and 1.1.18.  I managed to track the segfault down to this commit:
> 7fc9680614c7dbd5407fc718ac5dcb601a378da7 is first bad commit
> commit 7fc9680614c7dbd5407fc718ac5dcb601a378da7
> Author: kbuchcik <kbuchcik>
> Date:   Fri Jul 14 16:10:17 2006 +0000
>     * libxslt/attributes.c libxslt/documents.c
>       libxslt/functions.c libxslt/keys.c libxslt/namespaces.c
>       libxslt/pattern.c libxslt/preproc.c libxslt/templates.c
>       libxslt/templates.h libxslt/transform.c libxslt/variables.c
>       libxslt/xslt.c libxslt/xsltInternals.h libxslt/xsltutils.c
>       libxslt/xsltutils.h libexslt/common.c libexslt/dynamic.c
>       libexslt/functions.c libexslt/strings.c:
>       Refactored xsltValueOf(). Changed to use xmlXPathCastToString()
>       directly, rather than creating an intermediate object with
>       xmlXPathConvertString(). This now does not add a text-node to
>       the result if the string is empty (this has impact on
>       serialization, since an empty text-node is serialized as
>       <foo></foo>, and now it will be serialized as <foo/>).
>       Refactored other functions in transform.c:
>       Mostly code cleanup/restructuring. Minimized number of
>       function variables for instruction which eat up function stack
>       memory when recursing templates (xsltIf(), xsltChoose(),
>       xsltApplyTemplates(),  xsltCallTemplate()).
>       Changed XSLT tests to use xmlXPathCompiledEvalToBoolean().
>       Implemented redefinition checks at compilation-time and
>       eliminating them at transformation time in the refactored code
>       paths.
>       Introduced the field @currentTemplateRule on xsltTransformContext to
>       reflect the "Current Template Rule" as defined by the spec.
>       NOTE that ctxt->currentTemplateRule and ctxt->templ is not the
>       same; the former is the "Current Template Rule" as defined by the
>       XSLT spec, the latter is simply the template struct being
>       currently processed by Libxslt.
>       Added XML_COMMENT_NODE and XML_CDATA_SECTION_NODE to the macro
>       Misc code cleanup/restructuring and everything else I already forgot.
>       Refactored lifetime of temporary result tree fragments.
>       Substituted all calls to the now deprecated xsltRegisterTmpRVT()
>       for the new xsltRegisterLocalRVT().
>       Fragments of xsl:variable and xsl:param are freed when the
>       variable/pram is freed.
>       Fragments created when evaluating a "select" of xsl:varible and
>       xsl:param are also bound to the lifetime of the var/param.
>       EXSLT's func:function now uses the following functions to let take
>       care the transformation's garbage collector of returned tree
>       fragments:
>         xsltExtensionInstructionResultRegister(),
>         xsltExtensionInstructionResultFinalize()
>       Fixes:
>       #339222 - xsl:param at invalid position inside an xsl:template is
>                 not catched
>       #346015 - Non-declared caller-parameters are accepted
>       #160400 - Compiles invalid XSLT; unbound variable accepted
>       #308441 - namespaced parameters become unregistered
>       #307103 - problem with proximity position in predicates of match
>                 patterns
>       #328218 - problem with exsl:node-set() when converting strings
>                 to node sets
>       #318088 - infinite recursion detection
>       #321505 - Multiple contiguous CDATA in output
>       #334493 - "--param" option does not have root context
>       #114377 - weird func:result/xsl:variable/exsl:node-set interaction
>       #150309 - Regression caused by fix for 142768

I can't reproduce the hang, though; on x86-64, I get this on bigreq.xml instead:

*** glibc detected *** corrupted double-linked list: 0x0000000000633f70 ***

I bisected this down to the same commit.

- Josh Triplett

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