[xml/sgml-pkgs] Bug#440518: Bug#440518: I suffer this bug (and bug #416622), too

Daniel Leidert Daniel.Leidert.Spam at gmx.net
Sun Jul 27 13:50:12 UTC 2008

Juhapekka Tolvanen wrote:

> I suffer this bug, too. Especially this make me angry:
> Suggests: fop | passivetex (>= 1.23)
> passivetex is still not available

passivetex support is AFAIK going to be dropped upstream. So there is no sense
to re-add this buggy [1] piece of software to Debian.

> and this stupid software called xmlto
> can not use fop, although I have installed.

Don't you think, this is a *really* "stupid" problem description? xmlto just calls some
commands. If they fail, there is most likely a problem in your toolchain and not in
xmlto itself. But I cannot check this without a problem description.

> It may be waste of time to
> wait those other people to get passivetex back to Debian. Meanwhile you
> can make this software to use fop.

Describe your problem and stop flaming!

[1] Almost all other open bug reports against xmlto are caused by passivetex issues.

Regards, Daniel
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