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Tournament Listing Service 

This is a new service to provide Organizations and Clubs a venue for
listing their  tournaments and events at no charge. We cater to all amateur
sports across the United States and Canada. So if you have an event please
post it here [http://mailing.d1scout.com/link.php?M=146731&N=69&L=30&F=T].
We currently have over 2000 events listed! Add your events and increase the
chances of garnering more entrants!!!

 More  [http://mailing.d1scout.com/link.php?M=146731&N=69&L=30&F=T]

Plan Your Schedule

We have tried to provide easy to use tools for helping Coaches research
listed Tournaments and events in order to set up a schedule for their
upcoming season.

Use our mapping tools to look up events in your area!!

The New "Tournamnets and Event Locator Map
[http://mailing.d1scout.com/link.php?M=146731&N=69&L=31&F=T created for
your convinience is now available here
[http://mailing.d1scout.com/link.php?M=146731&N=69&L=30&F=T]. This feature
will allow you to set a radius from a central location and list all the
events within that radius graphicaly on a map. This feature will allow you
to filter events based on date (start and end), Gender and sport..

 More [http://mailing.d1scout.com/link.php?M=146731&N=69&L=30&F=T] 

About Us

D1Scout is one of the most advanced platforms available to help any
athletic organization simply and effectively manage their program and are
creators of professional-quality websites that deliver results..

 More [http://mailing.d1scout.com/link.php?M=146731&N=69&L=7&F=T] 

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