[Debichem-devel] Updated gnome-chemistry-utils

Michael Bienia geser at ubuntu.com
Wed Jul 4 21:31:07 UTC 2007

[ Please CC me as I'm not subscribed ]


gnome-chemistry-utils (0.6.3) from Ubuntu gutsy depends on
libgoffice-0-3 which is nearly gone from gutsy (not build from source
anymore). I tried to rebuild it with libgoffice-0-4 which failed.

So instead of patching it more to build with libgoffice-0-4 I looked if
the package could be updated to gnome-chemistry-utils 0.8. I found out
that it needs an updated openbabel (and openbabel bumped the
so-version). So gchempaint needs to be updated too, to get rebuild
against the new openbabel and new g-c-u.

I've seen in the list archives that some issues about the new openbabel
needs to be resolved first.

Are there any plans to update g-c-u, openbabel and gchempaint in the
near future? It would be really good if updated packages where available
before August 16th (UpstreamVersionFreeze in Ubuntu) to get them synced
to gutsy easily.


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