[Debichem-devel] DM process for debichem

Michael Banck mbanck at debian.org
Tue Jan 1 23:55:29 UTC 2008


as probably most of you have heard by now, there is a new level of
Debian involvement called "Debian Maintainer" now.  It is precisely for
people who want to maintain their packages but are not immediately
interested in becoming a Debian Developer and/or want to upload their
packages without a sponser during the time they spent in the New
Maintainer process.

Requirements are basically a GPG key signed by a Debian Developer you
have met in person, and a Debian Developer who vouchs for you.  The
latter would be me, the former you need to find yourself.  Additionally,
you need to send a (signed) mail to debian-newmaint at lists.debian.org
saying you agree to the Debian Social Contract, the Debian Free Software
Guidelines and the Debian Machine Usage Policies.  See earlier DM
applications at e.g. 
After that, notify me of the posting (I don't follow debian-newmaint
daily or even monthly), and I will advocate you.

After that, you can upload yourself all packages you are an Uploader: of
and which are flagged as DM-Upload-Allowed.  I plan to have all debichem
packages as DM-Upload-Allowed until lenny.  I can't make any commitments
for non-debichem packages, I will do those on a case-by-case basis.

In order to vouch for you, it might make sense to have uploaded a couple
of your packages, so I suggest Daobing Li, Daniel Leidert and Jordan
Mantha are totally fine to become DM as soon they want and got a DD
signature on their public key.  For the others, it's no problem in
general when you did some good work on debichem, just mail me.



Further notes:

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