[Debichem-devel] Looking for sponsor to promote a new package OSRA

Daniel Leidert daniel.leidert.spam at gmx.net
Fri Dec 19 16:49:08 UTC 2014

Am Freitag, den 19.12.2014, 02:27 +0100 schrieb Dmitry Katsubo:
> On 16/12/2014 22:59, Daniel Leidert wrote:
> > Am Montag, den 15.12.2014, 17:47 +0100 schrieb Dmitry Katsubo:

> > Well, basically I'd offer you sponsoring, as I already tried to package
> > OSRA.
> > 
> > But I need to see your work. At best you have an alioth account and
> > apply for the debichem team, so we can give you permissions to upload to
> > our SVN/GIT repository. You can then make your own path at sf.net [1] an
> > svn:external definition (or vice-versa). How would you like to proceed?
> Phh. A bit difficult for me to catch. The debian packaging is part of
> upstream and I can commit there. I can create GitHub repo to keep Debian
> part -- but let's discuss what benefits it brings. I that case I would
> vote for moving of whole upstream to GutHub -- it simplifies pulling
> patches. Ah, I see that there is another replica:
> https://github.com/metamolecular/osra.git
> I am now not sure how to handle this to make everyone happy. I CC to
> Igor - maybe he would have something to add.

Well, I'm perfectly ok, if you keep the packaging stuff in upstreams SVN
repository. I could then add an svn:external definition to the debichem
SVN repsoitory for OSRA. The downside is, that only you can change files
then. As long as you are prepared and willing to maintain OSRA, I can
live with that.

My main critics atm are, that you are using files, that first have to be
altered, to build the Debian package (debian/control.in and
debian/rules.in). Especially the last is uncommon. So why do you do

> > JFTR: How did you solve
> > https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=582575? That issue was
> > holding back OSRA for a long time.
> Well, I solved it locally :) And what is more upsetting, there was a
> solution in 2010. But now I feel I have energy to push it to the end.
> Here is GOCR 0.50, which produces libgocr-dev_0.50-1_i386.deb :

We need a fix for #582575 before we can proceed. I'm not in favour of
overruling Cosimo. He made some points. OSRA uses a header file, that
isn't likely to be available on any Linux system. Why does it do that?
Can OSRA be changed to figure out things on runtime? Did you try to
contact gocr upstream and ask for making the relevant header files

> But do we have plan B concerning how to "force" this change in
> Debian repo?

Yeah well, I don't feel that it's reasonable to "force" things here.
Plan B might also be to fix OSRA to not make use of a private header

Regards, Daniel

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