[Debichem-devel] Bug#866417: bkchem is marked for autoremoval from testing

Daniel Leidert daniel.leidert at wgdd.de
Tue Jan 9 12:33:39 UTC 2018

Hello Stuart,

you wrote:

> Dear fellow Debichem maintainers,
>> Regarding the Git migration I keep on wondering why you are remaining so
>> relaxed in general in the Debichem team.  I'd be seriously concerned
>> that you will be beaten by a non-functional VCS pretty soon.
> Andreas makes a good point -- we've been slowly drifting towards git as
> and
> when a git user touches packages but I think it's time that we converted
> to
> git and we should get it done quite soon.
> Given I've got the necessary tools and have the right config for
> svn-all-fast
> export around from the bkchem conversion, any objections to doing that en
> masse now?
> With all the packages in the same repo, doing them all at once and then
> moving
> the svn repo out of the way is perhaps the best way to prevent further
> changes. Opinions?

As I have already explained in some earlier thread about the same
question: git-buildpackage is not able to handle my local setup, because
its code is using commands/hooks quite inconsistently. This could easily
be fixed, but nothing happens and my bug report (#796816) is now open for
more than two years and has already been merged with another report about
the same thing.

With all my doubts [1] aside, about how the project (and Andreas too)
handles this situation, the fact simply is: if you move all the packages
over to Git, if effectively makes it impossible to me to contribute to any
of these packages nor maintain the packages I've maintained mostly myself
for years. That's not beacuse I don't use Git. I do in several projects of
my own. But it breaks my working setup and makes things really hard and
time-consuming for me. And as I already don't have much time, I'm not
willing to accept this.

So if the goal of your effort is, to simply move all the packages over to
Git just for the sake of it, then this IMO is a pretty bad job done. I'm
therefor taking the liberty to not agree to this step for at least all the
packages I know, I'm the only one maintaining them consistently, until
either git-bp gets fixed or someone else _really_ maintains those packages
- that includes bug fixing and not just occasional file/standard updates.

[1] IMHO there is really something wrong, when a project pushes all its
members to use one VCS but does not fix the build tools to use it first.
git-buildpackage has >100 open bug reports?! IMO we should put effort in
fixing the toolset first and only begin shutting down other VCS services,
after the situation allows for almost everybody to move his packages into
Git. IIRC the whole reason that started this, was to get rid of
Fusionforge, not to get rid of non-Git version control systems.

My 2 cents.

Regards, Daniel

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