[Debichem-devel] Bug#866417: bkchem is marked for autoremoval from testing

Andreas Tille andreas at an3as.eu
Tue Jan 9 13:34:40 UTC 2018

Hi Daniel,

On Tue, Jan 09, 2018 at 01:33:39PM +0100, Daniel Leidert wrote:
> As I have already explained in some earlier thread about the same
> question: git-buildpackage is not able to handle my local setup, because
> its code is using commands/hooks quite inconsistently. This could easily
> be fixed, but nothing happens and my bug report (#796816) is now open for
> more than two years and has already been merged with another report about
> the same thing.

If I were you I'd bump severity of #796816 serious (sorry, I have not
even looked into this bug since I have no problems with gbp).
> With all my doubts [1] aside, about how the project (and Andreas too)
> handles this situation,

Just to clarify my point:  I used to inject new packages into Debian Med
SVN until summer last year (I never ever used svn-buildpackage thought
since this never worked as expected for me).  Than I faced reality that
this is a dead end streat and moved everything to Git since I simply
want to make sure that I will have a functional VCS *after* *other*
people pushed a decision on me that had the consequence that SVN will
not work in a very near future.  Since I'm basically done with all my
transitions in Debian Med and only some open migrations left in Debian
Science I now try to lend a helping hand to related projects.  I hope
this intend to help is not interpreted as pushing you into something.
I'm simply a bit astonished that you simply take the risk that easily to
have no working VCS for a large number of your packages soon.

> So if the goal of your effort is, to simply move all the packages over to
> Git just for the sake of it,

I think that's a wrong interpretation:  I do nothing just for the sake
of it but since somebody else created a reality I either need to adapt
or I will suffer from the consequences.  I decided to adapt and you to
suffer - everybody draws a personal decision.

> [1] IMHO there is really something wrong, when a project pushes all its
> members to use one VCS but does not fix the build tools to use it first.
> git-buildpackage has >100 open bug reports?!

At least less bugs than dpkg. :-P

> IMO we should put effort in
> fixing the toolset first

You are talking about an ideal world right?

Kind regards



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