[Debichem-devel] managing armci-mpi upstream source

Drew Parsons dparsons at debian.org
Fri Apr 26 04:31:51 BST 2019

Hi Michael, since armci-mpi doesn't make official releases, we've had to 
handled upstream source tarballs directly from the current upstream git 

In the last version, 0.0~git20180917, I did this by pointing the 
upstream branch of our Debian salsa repo at the upstream git repo, then 
git fetch and merge from there.

This approach brings in all the upstream commits into the salsa log. In 
some cases this can be useful, but personally I find it a bit of 
nuisance, making it more difficult than necessary to distinguish debian 
packaging commits from upstream commits in the salsa master branch.  I 
guess you probably agree with me on this, since the debian repo for many 
of the other debichem packages don't include the upstream source at all, 
only the debian subdir.

armci-mpi has now moved their repo to 
https://github.com/pmodels/armci-mpi, so there's new code that we can 
package (in experimental, while waiting for the buster release).

I propose for our next version of armci-mpi to drop the direct link from 
our upstream branch to the upstream repo, and instead download a 
snapshot tarball (or zip) of the upstream repo.  Then we can process 
that tarball using "standard" tools like gbp import-orig, without 
flooding the salsa log with upstream commit messages.

I'm happy to make the updates if you like. I'll document the procedure 
by updating debian/README.source.


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