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Jonas Smedegaard dr at jones.dk
Thu Apr 16 11:47:54 UTC 2015

Hi Juliette,

First of all, welcome to the Design team!

[comments below quotes...]

Quoting juliette Belin (2015-04-16 13:24:59)
> It could be great to have an infographic about design aspects of 
> Debian.
> In fact, it could be great to have a clear overview of teams, 
> processes, etc. in Debian in general (with of course several 
> infographics. Too much informations in the same document is very hard 
> to read) !
> It can be useful for new contributors to have a clear overview of the 
> different processes and teams in which they are involved (dev, doc, 
> graphic design ...), and it can be useful and fun for older 
> contributors too.
> I'm new to debian and I don't really know about all these teams / 
> processes etc. Maybe we can discuss about it and pick what it is 
> really useful to communicate about. 

You might be (or just feel - your appears at the Debian Desktop team!) 
new to Debian, but nevertheless I suspect you are the best candidate to 
throw a first draft of what is relevant in Debian for designers.

I have been with Debian for a decade but am more technically oriented so 
likely blinded to some things missing or exciting from your POV.

Please just dive in and share what you feel are design'ish with Debian.
Perhaps not as a polished SVG infrgraph at first - maybe a long list of 
words that come to your mind, or whatever feels more convenient for you.

Others reading this are obviously more than welcome to chime in too! :-)

 - Jonas

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