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Siri Reiter siri at jones.dk
Sun Aug 13 17:51:16 UTC 2017


On 12-08-2017 11:46, Aurélien COUDERC wrote:
> Hi list,
> I just watched the debconf17 video on Debian design with much interest,
> and so here I am !

Thanks for joining the list!

> My name is Aurélien (username coucouf) and I'm working as DM on
> desktop-base where I'm currently the main committer.
> I've done much work for Stretch in integrating softWaves from floor to
> ceiling, including Debian installer theming, grub background, boot
> animation (plymouth), various login managers and desktop wallpapers /
> lock screen, wiki front page and some communication material for the
> release thanks to Valessio.

I've been searching for the place where this area of development is
shared and discussed.

> A cool (in my opinion) achievement for Stretch is that I was able to
> normalize theme structure for all Debian themes from squeeze onwards –
> that is : my beloved Spacefun, Joy, Lines and the latest Stretch's
> softwaves – and create an alternative called "desktop-theme" that let's
> you switch all the bits in one go (nearly :-).
> I know debian-edu at least is also using this system now.
> If you're running Stretch or later you may simply try running :
> update-alternatives --config desktop-theme
> select your theme of choice and (nearly) get going : you also need to
> run update-grub to get the theme applied there.

Currently on the way home from DebConf, but I will do it.

> Missing bits are :
> - switching the plymouth boot animation with the rest of the theme, it a
> personal goal for Buster
> - running update-grub (and when plymouth is supported update-initramfs)
> on theme switch without user intervention
> - gdm theming
> - plasma loading / lock screens theming
> You'll find some doc about the current theme structure and behaviour here :
> https://anonscm.debian.org/viewvc/debian-desktop/packages/trunk/desktop-base/debian/README.Debian?view=markup


> I understand the some work and study is being done on similar concepts
> and I'm very much interested in sharing feedback and helping there.
> I'm now subscribed to this list so I'll also follow the discussions here.
> The first impression has a major impact on the opinion you make about
> something so I consider it a priority to make the theming of the default
> install compelling for the various desktops.

Jonas and I had a more simple proof-of-concept in mind as a first step,
but it's a good point.

> To start on the d-design side I had a quick look at the wiki pages about
> theming they look quite outdated wrt the current state. So I'll review
> them as time permits to at least represent the current state of affairs.

That would be very helpful. :-)

Thanks again, I'm looking forward to our collaboration!


Siri Reiter Grafisk Design
Stauninggårdsvej 25
DK-4300 Holbæk
Tlf.: +45 27145428

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