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Aurélien COUDERC zecoucou at free.fr
Sat Aug 12 09:46:03 UTC 2017

Hi list,

I just watched the debconf17 video on Debian design with much interest, and so here I am !

My name is Aurélien (username coucouf) and I'm working as DM on desktop-base where I'm currently the main committer.

I've done much work for Stretch in integrating softWaves from floor to ceiling, including Debian installer theming, grub background, boot animation (plymouth), various login managers and desktop wallpapers / lock screen, wiki front page and some communication material for the release thanks to Valessio.

A cool (in my opinion) achievement for Stretch is that I was able to normalize theme structure for all Debian themes from squeeze onwards – that is : my beloved Spacefun, Joy, Lines and the latest Stretch's softwaves – and create an alternative called "desktop-theme" that  let's you switch all the bits in one go (nearly :-).
I know debian-edu at least is also using this system now.

If you're running Stretch or later you may simply try running :
update-alternatives --config desktop-theme
select your theme of choice and (nearly) get going : you also need to run update-grub to get the theme applied there.

Missing bits are :
- switching the plymouth boot animation with the rest of the theme, it a personal goal for Buster
- running update-grub (and when plymouth is supported update-initramfs) on theme switch without user intervention
- gdm theming
- plasma loading / lock screens theming

You'll find some doc about the current theme structure and behaviour here :

I understand the some work and study is being done on similar concepts and I'm very much interested in sharing feedback and helping there.
I'm now subscribed to this list so I'll also follow the discussions here.

The first impression has a major impact on the opinion you make about something so I consider it a priority to make the theming of the default install compelling for the various desktops.

To start on the d-design side I had a quick look at the wiki pages about theming they look quite outdated wrt the current state. So I'll review them as time permits to at least represent the current state of affairs.

Cheers !
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