[Design-devel] Akira on LXQt

Jonas Smedegaard jonas at jones.dk
Mon Mar 15 07:21:25 GMT 2021

Quoting Patrick Vavrina (2021-03-15 06:27:24)
> I installed Akira on testing and unstable in LXQt environment. The 
> patch for elementary-xfce icons seems to not be applied. The icons in 
> the superior bar don’t appear.

There are icons missing even with elementary-xfce properly used.  That's 
a known issue, documented in the package description of 
elementary-xfce-icon-theme, and the reason I suggested to package 
elementary icon theme.

One way to check if elementary-xfce is in use is to look at the icon for 
"Save" and "Save as" - if they appear as an arrow inside a box, then 
elementary-xfce is in use, but if they appear as a bare arrow then the 
default GTK icon is used instead.

If in your setup default GTK icons (or some other icon set) is used, 
then I suspect that the cause is related to how your environment 
resolved which GTK icon theme to use - i.e. that your environment does 
not use XDG standards for resolving icon theme: 

> I think that it miss some libraries for Qt. Is there a link from 
> GTK+/Vala to Qt?

Why do you think some libraries are missing?  If it is the icons failing 
to show, then I think it is an issue tied to your Qt environment - see 
e.g. https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Qt#Icon_theme_is_not_applied

> The same bug was present for Grub-Customizer in KDE Plasma. 

I don't know the bug you are referring to.  When you know about concrete 
info, it is quite helpful if you can locate and share a URL.

Grub-customizer sounds like a tool tied to the environment setup, and if 
my guess is correct then that supports my point above.

> Have we to rewrite Akira with Qt language or simply adapt the 
> libraries? LibreOffice works like that second choice, isn’t?

I highly doubt that the solution is to rewrite the whole application, no 
matter which issue it is you are talking about here...

> I will upgrade my current Buster 10.8 bare-metal host with GNOME to 
> Bullseye. Then I will test Akira in this graphical environment, too.


Bullseye is frozen, so now is a great time to start using it even for 
non-expert users.

Thanks for looking into this,

 - Jonas

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