[Design-devel] Akira on LXQt

Patrick Vavrina patrick at club-linux.ch
Mon Mar 15 05:27:24 GMT 2021

Hello Debian Designers,

I installed Akira on testing and unstable in LXQt environment. The patch for elementary-xfce icons seems to not be applied. The icons in the superior bar don’t appear. 

I also tested the last same version in Elementary OS 5.1.7 (Hera) and the graphics are alright. 

I think that it miss some libraries for Qt. Is there a link from GTK+/Vala to Qt?

The same bug was present for Grub-Customizer in KDE Plasma. 

Have we to rewrite Akira with Qt language or simply adapt the libraries? LibreOffice works like that second choice, isn’t?

I will upgrade my current Buster 10.8 bare-metal host with GNOME to Bullseye. Then I will test Akira in this graphical environment, too. 

I know that Akira is a new application not stable yet and that its development will evolve in time...

Have a nice day!

Best regards,

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