[Fingerforce-devel] FVS changes.

Miguel Gea Milvaques miguel at xeraco.com
Fri Nov 2 09:33:54 UTC 2007

En/na Radek Bartoň ha escrit:
> Hello list.
> I've made Python bindings for FVS and rewrite most of demos using them. There 
> may be some functions  (and there will be a lot of such) which need 
> explicitly define custom behavior to get properly wrapped. If you decide to 
> use this bindings and find any problems, contact me and I'll try to fix it.
> I needed to append MinutiaSetGetMinutia, FvsImportBir and FvsExport bir to API 
> for bindings to work too. Futhermore, I fixed some oversights like pointers 
> usage as values, mismatch of function argument types in declaration and 
> implementation, etc. I hope that I didn't broke anything and that this 
> procedure is decent. Which brings me to questions: Who is current main 
> developer of FVS (the one who has final word) and is FVS repository within 
> FingerForce main branch of development or it's only a fork for FingerForce's 
> purposes?
The main developer for fvs is Madhav Kulkarni. As you thought
Fingerforce is a fork for Fingerforce purposes, but I think that Madhav
don't have any other public place with Fingerforce files. If you want,
you could use it as main repository.
I can be very respectful with upstream part. I can use patches in debian
dir that will be only applied in build with Debian using quilt tool, so
it will not be Debian (or other distro) dependent.

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