[Freedombox-discuss] Suitability of Globalscale as partner?

John Gilmore gnu at toad.com
Wed Apr 6 01:11:41 UTC 2011

I thought I should perhaps do some development toward building actual
FreedomBoxes, so I ordered a pair of DreamPlugs from Globalscale
Technologies.  The website says "DreamPlug - IS HERE!", took my order
for two, and gave me an email reciept on March 19th.  There is no way
to track orders on their web site.  I guess I'm used to dealing with
reliable suppliers like NewEgg.com, who pack the stuff within minutes
of when you order it, and immediately get it out the door.  When
nothing had arrived by March 23, I asked their sales team by email.
They promptly replied:

> We have started to ship DreamPlug(US) orders based on FIFO, your
> order#113354 will be shipped around next week.  You will receive a tracking
> number by email later.
> Thank you for your patience 

"Around next week" was last week.  I still have seen neither a
DreamPlug, an emailed tracking number, nor an update on when they'll
ship it.

This company doesn't look like the sort we want to base our software
on.  Either they're undercapitalized (e.g. they're taking our payments
and using the money to buy the parts to build the products - they have
no inventory) or they don't care much about supporting small
customers.  We could spend years making great software that runs on
these boxes, and yet the ordinary joes who want to run it will get
stuck for weeks dealing with a flaky vendor, give up on us, and lose
their freedom.

Anyone have other suggestions for hardware vendors?  I'm keeping my
order in, just to see how ridiculous they get, but I'm looking elsewhere.


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