[Freedombox-discuss] Q : achieving wide success? HW+SW solution vs SW-only solution for freedombox?

Charles N Wyble charles at knownelement.com
Thu Apr 7 21:09:59 UTC 2011

On 4/7/2011 7:02 AM, JB gost wrote:
> Hi I'm brice,
> I say then why not *smartly* use all the existing HW already available
> in people life ?

On the one hand this sounds very attractive. However a lot of existing 
hardware isn't
workable. For example the broadcom chipset in many wireless access 
points and routers.
OpenWRT on these devices has been pushed pretty far but it's limited (no 
meshing for example).

Many existing consumer devices are running a myriad of operating system 
versions, hardware
chipsets etc.  Supporting all of that would be a nightmare.

Also many folks these days have an Apple or Android device and are 
syncing to the cloud. They might
not even have a home PC. As such purchasing a local server that can do 
everything (data ownership,
music streaming, media streaming etc) might be of interest to them. 
Especially with increasing cellular
network clam downs.

> Turning every home PC, every netbooks and every smartphones into a
> freedombox, inter-connecting with the world using whatever technology
> is present in the HW : internet DSL, ethernet LAN, wifi, bluethooth,
> gsm, 3g, wimax....

That would be great. A bit of the way off, (mostly due to Linux driver 
We have things like SCTP which can be very useful in this regard.
> My personal questions :
> Q1 : Has this topic already been discussed ? (sorry if duplicate somehow)

It's being tossed around on a regular basis. :)

> Q2 : BTW, is there any SW package freedombox-like that already exist ?
> somewhere ?

I'm working on one. See my post to the mailing list yesterday.

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