[Freedombox-discuss] discussions, contributors inputs, feedback, user polling... giving freedombox project the right tools to communicate !

JB gost mygost at gmail.com
Fri Apr 8 12:19:22 UTC 2011


i'm kinda new to mail-discussion... damn this stuff look like coming
from an another century !! maybe the 20th ? (no offense i bet lots you
guys have probably successfully used this tool in the past decades in
lots of projects)

why not use a plugin as mozilla did with :
looks great, looks clean, looks simple, looks handle-able   VS   mail
archives & discussion that looks so awfully old-fashioned plain...
with that kind of tool the project would get better inputs from the
future-user & contributors... and then better & easier guidance to the
output !!

i mean, hell! heads of the project did a fantastic job collecting fund
through the kickstarter platform... a genius idea truly,
investing a few bucks in a "uservoice"-like tool would probably do
great to the project life too !!
(maybe the free account will do!)

just a suggestion, i know it could be seen as a bit paradoxal for
people aiming to get out of the cloud...

kind regards,
brice --loving the efficiency through simplicity--

PS : if i was posting on youtube, i would add "thumb up if you like
the idea (of having a thumb up button!)"
but damn! mails have no "thumb up" option!
and having 300 replies stating "yes" "no" "maybe" would be a fantastic
participation from all of you and a complete nightmare to sort out!!

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