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Emanuel Ey emanuel.ey at gmail.com
Fri Apr 8 13:40:49 UTC 2011

Hey all,
My name is Emanuel, and I've been reading in on the mailing list for a
couple of days now.
I'm a recently graduated engineer (Electronics for Telecomunication and
Information Technologies), but I actually do more software than hardware
work (mostly C and Python).
On the software side I also have some experience with general webdesign,
php+Mysql, Django, java and assembly, and on the hardware side I've mostly
played around with microcontrollers and other digital circuits.
 I have also done quite a bit of (Technical) translations as I'm fluent in
English, German and Portuguese, and understand most of what is written in
Italian and Spanish.
Currently I'm writing a raytracer in C - not for rays of light, but "sound
rays" in underwater acoustics (~sonar) research.

The FB project really got my attention, and if I find a task where I could
help out, I'd like to pitch in.

So, just shouting out to say "hi" and to let you now I'm looking for a place
to contribute,
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