[Freedombox-discuss] discussions, contributors inputs, feedback, user polling... giving freedombox project the right tools to communicate !

JB gost mygost at gmail.com
Fri Apr 8 17:08:41 UTC 2011

>> i'm kinda new to mail-discussion... damn this stuff look like coming
>> from an another century !! maybe the 20th ? (no offense i bet lots you
>> guys have probably successfully used this tool in the past decades in
>> lots of projects)
>> why not use a plugin as mozilla did with :
>> https://firefox.uservoice.com/forums/57440-firefox-4-beta looks great,
>> looks clean, looks simple, looks handle-able VS mail archives &
>> discussion that looks so awfully old-fashioned plain... with that kind
>> of tool the project would get better inputs from the future-user &
>> contributors... and then better & easier guidance to the output !!
> Do you offer to setup and host a web forum, and want all us subscribed
> to this list to also/instead join that other one when you get it ready?
> Or do you want us all to use that actual Mozilla forum instead of Debian
> as host for this virtual development gathering?
> Or what do you mean?

the OR solution which is a bit of your 1st thing and 2nd thing:
As far i as understood it :  "uservoice.com" is a business web host
not affiliated with Mozilla, so it is not a Mozilla.org foundation
forum, seems like Mozilla outsourced this forum/user feedback to

freedombox project use the service :  lists.alioth.debian.org
i'm sure there are good reasons for that (free service thanks to
debian.org, SW/project contributors veterans user are used to do it
this way, freedombox project would be built upon debian OS, etc... all
reasons are fine by me!)

I was just pointing out the old-fashioned style it is... and i
discovered with FF4 that even mozilla has outsourced their
so I was wondering why not using a nice/efficient/clean interface for
forum/discussion/feedback such as "uservoice.com" provide ?

my suggestion is not just to have a good looking interface (even if i
believe it could motivate people to join the group & enjoy the group
dynamics), it is primarily to increase the group efficiency and the
group awareness of the group itself.

let me put my lawyer dress and advocate a bit :

1-mailing list :
pros : it worked, it works for sure, everyone got an email address
cons : a topic is usually discussed within a few people, the topic
might be read by everyone, each person might have a quick opinion or a
thought on it "agree" / "disagree" but the mailing system makes that
if you have 400 persons giving their opinion on the topic you'll get
400 mails... unbearable unmanageable !! still the 3-5 people most
interested/involved in discussing the topic may like to know how
others in the group feel about the idea, the feature, or whatever...

2-a uservoice-like system :
pros : it is possible for everyone in the group to quickly put a thumb
up, thumb down with a few comments if they want, so we get the group
feeling about this idea, this feature, or whatever topic... giving the
topic/thread a life on his own... not just 3-5 contributors which
dares to discuss together. A topic/thread might this way have a better
visibility & energy focus of the group, which is real important to
turn a discussion into concrete actions.
cons : fairly new stuff, outsourced (could be a pro too), probably not
for free, need all users to switch from old system to the new one...

3- Q : using the 2 at the same time ?
pros : you have the choice no dictatorship !
cons : the group energy might be spread here and there, one topic
here, another one there...
i mean most people have 2 eyes, still most people can only watch 1
movie at the time!

keep it simple & efficient and 1st of all : keep it toward success!

damn! knowing the whole list  400+ kind & hot looking people, might
read this mail, make me wonder if my english is readable, and if i'm
not trolling 400+ mailboxes!

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