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Jonas Smedegaard dr at jones.dk
Fri Apr 8 17:46:47 UTC 2011

On 11-04-08 at 07:08pm, JB gost wrote:
> >> why not use a plugin as mozilla did with : 
> >> https://firefox.uservoice.com/forums/57440-firefox-4-beta 


> > Do you offer to setup and host a web forum, and want all us 
> > subscribed to this list to also/instead join that other one when you 
> > get it ready?
> >
> > Or do you want us all to use that actual Mozilla forum instead of 
> > Debian as host for this virtual development gathering?
> >
> > Or what do you mean?
> the OR solution which is a bit of your 1st thing and 2nd thing: As far 
> i as understood it : "uservoice.com" is a business web host not 
> affiliated with Mozilla, so it is not a Mozilla.org foundation forum, 
> seems like Mozilla outsourced this forum/user feedback to 
> "uservoice.com".
> freedombox project use the service : lists.alioth.debian.org i'm sure 
> there are good reasons for that (free service thanks to debian.org, 
> SW/project contributors veterans user are used to do it this way, 
> freedombox project would be built upon debian OS, etc... all reasons 
> are fine by me!)

I see this as a US lawyer creating some groovy music, and some Debian 
developers throwing a party around it - at their own back yard: Debian 

Now you come along, after a little year of hot (and at times less hot) 
partying, wanting to throw another party and inviting us all over.

Change is good, they say. So feel free to try attract us party people to 
stop the music and move our lazy asses over to your backyard.  But 
beware that the more parties, the less friction - the less network 
effect: We end up dancing alone, each of us.

Personally I need no paid staff to help me contribute: it is not a user 
support forum, but a developer gathering.

And I need no neat voting tool - for this developer gathering I much 
favor technocracy, do-ocracy and/or anarchy over democracy.

But throw that other party and we'll see if my archaic principles on 
partying are mine alone. :-)


 - Jonas

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