[Freedombox-discuss] Q : achieving wide success? HW+SW solution vs SW-only solution for freedombox?

JB gost mygost at gmail.com
Fri Apr 8 18:48:34 UTC 2011

>> I say then why not *smartly* use all the existing HW already available
>> in people life ?
> On the one hand this sounds very attractive. However a lot of existing
> hardware isn't
> workable. For example the broadcom chipset in many wireless access
> points and routers.
> OpenWRT on these devices has been pushed pretty far but it's limited (no
> meshing for example).
> Many existing consumer devices are running a myriad of operating system
> versions, hardware
> chipsets etc.  Supporting all of that would be a nightmare.

True some HW may not be mesh usable (yet), and there are lots of OS, chipsets...
then i would say : go for the kill !!
target PC OS: windows (XP, 7, vista) then macOs then linux...
target mobile phone OS : android then symbian then apple...

and the same for HW devices... quite a challenge i must admit!

> Also many folks these days have an Apple or Android device and are
> syncing to the cloud. They might
> not even have a home PC. As such purchasing a local server that can do
> everything (data ownership,
> music streaming, media streaming etc) might be of interest to them.

well, my friend, this local server handling lots of thing at home
already exist and is in deployment in my country (.fr) they call it
triple-play DSL-box for rent with monthly fee,
a box giving you internet DSL, internet TV, VoIP, a complete interface
on TV to insecurely read your mail, watch youtube, do more and more
until you won't need a PC home anymore!

so few years down the line, people might end up with a TV triple-play
box home (internet, ethernet, wifi, TV, VoIP) + smartphone doing quite
the same things!
how will you convince people to buy this extra appliance? which would
do the same as what they already have?

yep, complex puzzle to solve... i guess that's why discussions like
these exists...
kind regards,

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