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JB gost mygost at gmail.com
Sat Apr 9 12:49:54 UTC 2011

>> the OR solution which is a bit of your 1st thing and 2nd thing:
>> As far i as understood it :  "uservoice.com" is a business web host
>> not affiliated with Mozilla, so it is not a Mozilla.org foundation
>> forum, seems like Mozilla outsourced this forum/user feedback to
>> "uservoice.com".
> I can imagine that once we have some users, there's a reasonable chance
> that we'll want to know what they think, and to let them vote on what
> their favourite new feature might be, but being an old cynic, I have a
> suspicion that the reason that mozilla might outsource this sort of
> thing is to keep users away from their developer mailing lists ;-)

True that FF is quite a big thing now, ~2000 users in the middle of
dvlp mails could be dazzling!

> The point is that while I may find it interesting that 99% of potential
> freedomboxers agree that the killer feature for FB is a facebook portal,
> I won't be doing anything about that, since I don't use or care about
> facebook, so I'll do those things that interest me regardless of any
> vote (i.e. at 4 a.m. last night I was trying to work out why the latest
> u-boot renders the booted linux on OpenRD unable to drive the ethernet
> properly -- hardly a vote winner ;-)
> Also, I cannot see why (even if we wanted such a thing) one would base a
> user feedback mechanism it in a centralised, proprietary platform.  We
> generally eat our own dogfood when we can.  How much respect would
> Debian get if all our project's servers were running Solaris?
> Please note, I'm not trying to quench your enthusiasm.  I'm hoping that
> you'll direct it towards working on something concrete that will move us
> closer to out goal of building a FreedomBox.
> Just choose something to work on, and go do it.  That could even be
> something like setting up a user forum if that's your thing, but if you
> do that, do it because you think it's justified in its own right, and
> despite the fact that most of the people here will continue to be _here_.
> If you do a good enough job of building it, people will come -- that's
> what Jonas is on about when he mentions that Debian is a "do-ocacy".

now i better grasp how open-source community works...
seems like a happy anarcho-programmers group!!  8-p
i understand and respect this way of do-ocracy work (i do it my self
from time to time when i need a tool or something to get done)
It is truely amazing to me to discover that lots of free SW i'm used
to use might be done this way, i better understand the unknown
parameter on the "release time frame" too.
I'm surprised and delighted to see things get to work eventually, this
SW-anarchist way!

Q : i'm curious, how this project is organized ?
is that, you choose what you want to work on, and get started with
it... or is there a project manager ? a coordinator ? a motivator ?
to drive/focus enthusiastic workforces ?
is there a hierarchy somehow ?  (and i don't mean an assh011e siting
on the top of your shoulder pretending he's tall)
is there a group spirit ? a group energy ?
i understand some people like to dog-work on their bone alone, in
their garage and that's good!  and i do believe some people crave for
team effort, team work somehow...
see yesterday on this list i saw a *kid* out of his school sending a
mail saying "waooo, i kinda like this project, i know this and that,
how may i contribute ?" to me it was a message from someone having
great  energy, enthusiasm to add to the project but it seems to me he
needs a senior a vet' or coordinator to welcome him, to guide him
toward what he good at and enable him to have a strong contribution to
the project at large!!

thanks to anyone contributing to my enlightenment by answering my
too-many-questions on this topic!
and i wish you a happy WE !

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