[Freedombox-discuss] Introducing myself

Charles N Wyble charles at knownelement.com
Fri Apr 8 21:18:09 UTC 2011

On 4/8/2011 11:47 AM, Jonas Smedegaard wrote:
> On 11-04-08 at 11:20am, Charles N Wyble wrote:
>> My data ownership wiki page is at
>> http://wiki.knownelement.com/index.php?title=Data_Ownership<<  This
>> captures what I consider
>> a 1.0 (data off the cloud onto programs/sites I control).
>> I consider 1.5 being a Tahoe-lafs backup system and 2.0 being a
>> multi site active/active architecture that's easy to setup. 3.0/3.5
>> being
>> increasingly amounts of security/encryption/anonymity bits.
>> I"m actively working towards making these milestones happen and to ship
>> completed technology platforms that others can do great things with!
> Very _very_ cool!

*bows*. Thank you. The backups and active/active stuff aren't that cool 
in my opinion. Just documenting things and making
them available on a large scale, easy to use basis. I'm just taking the 
work of others beyond the early adopter stage :)

I think the security stuff will be pretty cool though. It's what I'm 
really excited about these days.

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