[Freedombox-discuss] IDE for web apps for FB?

Erik Simmesgård erik at simmesgard.se
Sun Apr 17 17:00:56 UTC 2011

On 2011-04-17 18:54, Erik Simmesgård wrote:
>>> IBM dropped http://maqetta.org/ over the wall - looks nice and 
>>> relevant :)
>> Seems exciting indeed.
>> Unfortunately it is JAVA-based :-(
> Maybe I'm missing something, but whatever you make in the tool - isn't
> that flashy HTML5 that you can download and put where ever without Java?
> /Erik
Oh, don't mind me. I've written too soon. Well, I'll add some
context/content instead then.

Here's from the FAQ on the related point:
"Can I install Maqetta on my own web server (or localhost)?"

"Absolutely. The Maqetta team places milestone builds as ZIP files that
can be downloaded and installed on standard web servers, such as Apache.
There are simple server launch scripts for Windows, Mac and Linux that
you can run (or double-click from Explorer/Finder). The ZIP file
contains auto-launches the server (which uses Jetty, an open source,
lightweight JEE server).
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