[Freedombox-discuss] Roadmap / Wishlists

AnotherPeasant versparis at gmail.com
Sat Apr 16 23:51:21 UTC 2011

Hello.  I'm not a programmer, so please forgive me if I suggest things 
that are insane, already implemented, or simply impossible.  My 
technical understanding is sort of post-noob.  However, my understanding 
of people, and my basic levels of rational paranoia may be of use here.  
I have this gift of negativity.  I haven't seen a couple of things on 
any of the wishlists or maps so far.  -And I would think them vital in 
many areas of the world.  Easy to forget them in places where the police 
are still ostensibly the guardians of the law, rather than simply above it.

There should be an easy way for any user, even one not familiar with 
CLI, to "self-destruct" their FB.  I mean  secure data deletions, as 
fast and as complete as possible.  I've had a few sys-admins show me how 
it could be done with a ludicrously small number of keystrokes.  The 
hard part would be to let even Grandma set up a sequence, password, or 
even keystroke combination to do it.  It could be selective to work with 
only certain items like address books, emails, etc.  -But the program to 
accomplish this should possibly erase itself at the end, for plausible 
deniability.  All targets to be completely shredded (-as in, random 
over-writes, or however it's done these days), continuously, until the 
power is cut, or the odds of data recovery approach impossible.  A nice 
feature for those countries where surrendering certain information could 
literally get your friends beaten to death.  If I had a few seconds, and 
I knew I was boned, I'd at least like that little chance to save my friends.

On an even more paranoid tip, would it be possible to set up automatic 
detection of unauthorized read attempts, or inserted programs?  Or maybe 
even power-ups with failed authentication attempts?  -For after you've 
had your FB returned to you by the authorities, that is.  Again, I'm 
sure it's possible for the clued to set that sort of thing up, but is it 
possible for Grandpa?

That's all I have for now on this subject.  I plan to go write a far 
more positive set of suggestions concerning user experience and 
wide-spread adoption.  Thanks for your consideration.

-Another Peasant

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