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On 04/19/2011 01:02 AM, AnotherPeasant wrote:

> mean a HDD becomes a necessary part of the HW equation.  I was just
> speaking to a friend who told me about a new app for the iPhone (after
> people getting them confiscated in Egypt) called "Panic Button".  It's
> supposed to erase all your data quickly if the police are about to take
> your iPhone, but if that's all flash memory, I guess it's a false bit of

Unfortunately, the people writing those press releases are probably not
aware of the insecure deletion from flash media research from a few
years ago.

> you know if the researchers tried that dissection after multiple passes,
> including random writes?  Do you remember where that study was, or have

The most I tried on my USB devices was the DoD 5220-22.M process (seven
passes involving garbage, the binary complements of the garbage
characters, and verification).  I was not able to recover all of the
data after analyzing the drives, but I was able to find enough that,
were I an investigator looking for evidence would double the efforts of
my team.  Plus, finding evidence that attempts to securely overwrite
storage media were made is suspicious in itself due to the relatively
small number of people who do that (right now, anyway).

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