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On 04/23/2011 02:29 AM, Charles N Wyble wrote:
> Is status.net sufficient? Do we need appleseed or crabgrass?
> Dispora?

status.net is good for microblogging.  For more than that (like
blogging) another package (like the ones you suggested, or PivotX, or
something else) would have to be employed.

>> ZRTP encrypted VoIP:
>> http://zfoneproject.com/
>> http://www.gnutelephony.org/index.php/GNU_ZRTP
>> http://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc6189
> Yes for sure.

The users would then need to configure softphones or ATAs, or have good
user interfaces for same to make use of this functionality.

> Yep. Bitcoin is highly popular. Other systems exist but I think
> bitcoin is among the best.

Bitcoin also has the advantage of being accepted commercially right now
(though not widely yet).

>> DNS
>> https://github.com/jpmens/couch-sdb
>> http://p2pdns.sourceforge.net/
> Yep. DNS is important. Lots of censorship activity occurs in the current
> DNS.

This will be essential.

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