[Freedombox-discuss] Launch of an Open Wireless Movement in the near future?

Spectral Emanation spectralemanation at gmail.com
Thu Apr 28 15:47:16 UTC 2011

> i think this is a brilliant idea, and it's the first i hear of this
> proposal. does anybody on this list know how you could do the encryption of
> wifi traffic without setting a password? Then help the EFF make this. Would
> it be possible in software? just ssh tunnel to your router, so that you
> don't have to lock down your wifi?

I believe if you use WPA2 and give the user the password as part of
the SSID, everyone's traffic will be encrypted from each other. You
could set up a routing rule that prevents users from sending traffic
to each other. The EFF article mentions that the session ID could be
calculated, but it's better than nothing I guess.

I currently run a Tor exit node and an open wifi point on a separate
IP address from my ISP in an attempt to differentiate "my" traffic
from "public" traffic. I am considering actually putting a small sign
outside notifying that there's open wifi and telling the password.
This is all to protect against what they said happened to that poor

On the other hand, until this becomes popular, in some places it will
be used as a method to easily harass. Whomever does this in the
beginning must be willing to take the risk of being a martyr for the


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