[Freedombox-discuss] Launch of an Open Wireless Movement in the near future?

Michael Blizek michi1 at michaelblizek.twilightparadox.com
Thu Apr 28 16:18:46 UTC 2011


On 15:47 Thu 28 Apr     , Spectral Emanation wrote:
> ...
> I believe if you use WPA2 and give the user the password as part of
> the SSID, everyone's traffic will be encrypted from each other. You
> could set up a routing rule that prevents users from sending traffic
> to each other. The EFF article mentions that the session ID could be
> calculated, but it's better than nothing I guess.

I do not think that WPA2 protects users data from each other if both know the
key. A user should at least be able to do a man-in-the-middle attack. I doubt
that this can be solved without requireing additional low-layer software on
client side. Even then you have the problem of malicious acces point

> ...
> On the other hand, until this becomes popular, in some places it will
> be used as a method to easily harass. Whomever does this in the
> beginning must be willing to take the risk of being a martyr for the
> cause.

... or we need other ways which are more safe, e.g.:

programing a layer 3+4 network protocol for mesh networks
see http://michaelblizek.twilightparadox.com

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